Storms come and storms go

Written by: Roxanna Ressler

The sirens loudly sounded
I perked up in strange alert as my heart pounded.

My fingers grew cold
I wondered how long my breathing could hold,

A flood warning and a tornado on the ground
The eeriness was filled without a single sound

I crouched and shielded myself in that old basement
I could feel the air seeping into my empty displacement.

Suddenly and just as quickly as it had come... It had disappeared 
I emerged from underground and took a look around, but everything looked weird.

My house still stood, but it favored one side
I had never feared anything enough to run and hide.

I looked to the sky and thanked god I was alive still
Unfortunately that wasn't the case for the neighbors on the hill.

Husband and wife had been killed 
From their house to the yard was nothing but shrapnel from doorframe to feild

I stood and I cried 
Why had two good people just died?

I didn't think it seemed fair
but did that mean god didn't care??

Because storms come and storms go...