Written by: Hitendra Mehta

Deck of cards
Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, tens to twos, Jokers
Can society not be balanced as deck with equal no of Haves and Have nots ? 

I love 53rd and 54th card, Joker 
As it does not belong to any Suit - Spade, Club, Diamond or Heart
Can society be not classless, casteless akin to Joker, part of deck but not any suit?  

Joker just two in deck 
As against four of each rank in deck
Can the flexibility to include / remove Joker not extended to Politicians in real game 
of life?   

Rested in pro-games, permitted in fun games
Playing Joker mixes with card of any rank or any Suit  
With Joker’s adaptability, can society’s all Suits not live in harmony?   

Joker, colourful card favourite with kids 
Placed atop house of cards
Like child, Joker ever smiles back; can we not ape Joker? Or child?  

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