Stormy Heart

Written by: Ashley Plotczyk

Heavy flashes smother summer, fierce skies threatens thunder
Drowned window pane mimics her heartbreaking, crying its related pain
As she saddens, storm drenching, suddenly there was more tightening
She grabs holding pillow tightening, tightening breath she attains
Drenched pillow under her face, squeezing her heart in grief she attains
                          Heartbroken from her lover, emotion can not refrain 

He however is heartbroken because he too lost his lover
His anger growing louder as his heart beats insane
Eagerly he wished the sorrow-fiery heart would mellow
Light from sky composed of yellow-yellow for the bolts sustain
The dark cast of dramatic breakdown shows its sustain
                          Heartbroken from his lover, emotion can not refrain 

The clouds clashing bolts suppressing-unevenly in the stormy roaring
Outcast seen-lovers seen and believe owned hearts beat each moment unexplained 
Soaked lips pressed together, lovers fight to remain forever
Stormy hearts violent as the weather, each heart beating a hurricane
Tear drops falling faster than the rain, yet letting go of feelings of vein 
                         Heartbreak gone and can refrain