Written by: Patrizia Cohen

I remember that garden.
Same benches, same fountain
Slowly I step in
Same faces, same air.

Babies play
Bawling happy
Nannies and mothers…
Fading away…

Benches, fountain
Babies and noises
All fade away
Leaving me alone.

A gate surrounds me
It has no ending
I walk disoriented
Looking for a sunbeam.

Only shadows around me
Ghosts of my past
Not a movement
Not a sound

I sit ashore
Keeping my head
For no letting my thoughts fly
For no letting my memories go

I fall asleep
And the benches, the fountain,
The babies, mummies, nannies,
All return.

I keep sleeping,
I can see the light
I can feel the life
I can live in my dreams.