Ain't no Sunshine anymore

Written by: Celene Crescent

Ain't no sunshine
when you're gone

I miss your knockin
on my door

Sunset comes 
another night

empty pillow
by my side

My cold sheets
whisper your name

and the answer 
is the same

Love is just
another game

I see your face
I see your smile

You'd stay with me
for a while

from the cradle
of the sky

Blue moon
shadows lullaby

And i think of you
and i dream

Catch your heart
between my soul

your palms take me
to a stream

Pick the star
don't let it fall

once its lost
wishes are gone

Pick the star
and see it shine

I hold your hand
as you keep mine

The soft wind
breathes again

Is it him,Is it you?
Who is my man?

strong warm kisses
on my lips

as your cheeks
feel my caress

by these little

Ain't no sunshine
when you're gone

and you've been gone
far too long,far too long

Ain't no sunshine anymore