Past Is Not Dead Yet

Written by: Derek Ortiz

Loyalty with no meaning
Hate with no winning
All there is for tomorrow
That we lost today
Food on the table of contents
Contents of doing nothing
Those times that we past trough
The night the house burned down
I remember the feelings of cold
Even if blaze was around me
You and I look straight to the eyes
I must say
"Im sorry sweetheart i did this"
While i kept walking away
I look back and all i see is flames there
A house with friends and love
All to ashes for one purpose
While i look in the window
Your empty eyes stare at distance
Im sorry all i could say
And then i gave my job done
The contract is sealed
My soul was bound to earth
So in one boy i live on
With his medium senses i accompany him
Until the morning i saw you there
Standing in front of me
Almost 7 centuries away from what is did
Im sorry darling
Im sorry
But now your my prey until we die again.