I Don't Forgive

Written by: Carl Andrew Pino

Time will never heal
What you have broken
Keep praying for it
But no one will listen

You had your chance
You had your fight
But you gave it up
All for the limelight

You gave it a look
You tossed it away
And now you're back
Hoping to stay

I don't forgive
And I'll never forget
Don't give me your sincere
My mind is set

It was never worth it
And never will be
Once I'm through with you
Then, you'll be sorry

Now your defenses are falling
They're stiletto thin
They're breaking down
Told you I'd win

I'll always be higher
While you're evanescent
Next time just think
Before futile trying

You will never be
Transcendental like you think
I just hope you see
Through my black and white print