Written by: Leighann Anderson

Lying in bed so warm
and cosy, wrapped in a
soft, feathery duvet;
nothing could be more
One feels content and
at ease; anxiety and worry
fails to exist.
One’s head feels suddenly
heavy, like a stone dropping
in to a silent river.
One’s mind begins to float
away in to a land that is
in complete harmony, like
an orchestra playing as one.
One begins to enter a strange
world of images that are in 
disarray, they combine into one
long tale causing confusion.
As one sleeps on many worlds
open up allowing one’s self
to explore terrain that is
out of reach whilst awake.
One is dreaming but one’s
mind can suddenly become
darkened by grotesque images
caused by an unwelcome sprite;
a nightmare has begun corrupting
one’s pleasant sleep.
One becomes afraid, it feels 
so real, but the mind can 
swiftly change projecting
some light into the darkness;
the sprite is now gone and
one’s dreams become magical
once more.