Written by: Akere Victor

The wind blew and the rain fell,
That twenty one inches into a rock was welt,
The flood came to wash all precious things in my heart away,
But your love in me firmly remains.

Your hot love mixed with my hot blood,
Your thought comes after that of GOD,
This is a prayer to GOD and its true,
That HE should make it a must that i should be with you.

Whenever I’m walking on the street,
In your love which I’m knee-deep,
Wondering why every lady's face bears your image,
Which make me blink twice my eyes to see their real face.

I promise in my heart that i won't fall in love again,
But in your presence are not decisions there to remain,
They all took wings and flew away,
Cause i can't put the spirit in a cage.

Your love is mercury to me,
More than the air I breathe,
To my heart is just the blood,
Can't do without it, else it stop.