inspiration kanye west Love locked down

Written by: eddie merritt

I'm not loving u
The way I wanted
Hugges and kissed boo
Staying true to you
Not going astray 
Heart or brain
Not telling " I love you" to others 
Not at all
Just my kids uff they motha
I'm in love with you 
Time will prove
Ain't no secret rendezvous
Hidden from you
Let alone having past tense be the excuse
To fuel
Any others insecurites in you
I'm nor loving you 
The way I wanted to
Not spreading champagne
Not glorifying our campaign
Not everyday wearing and cleaning my ring
not saying the bs that comes our way
Not out here walking the streets everyday til you sneak me in after the scene being ok
I'm not loving you
The way I wanted to
Not waiting for hours at a WiFi spot just to read "te querro too papi"
Not eye humping 
Seabiscuit running 
Thru rain 
And the blues
Just to get to you
I'm not loving you 
The way I wanted to
Not with a girlfriend and still trying to pick up you
No I'm Not 
I'm just confused .........Peace