Written by: Scott Skaggs

Tears fall like rain due to all the stupid little things left in your mind,
All those things are to remind you of your bad decision to do this crime,
So you will sit in your 5x10 cell and think about why you're doing time,
Soon you will get out and start fresh, What is out there for you to find,
It's all up to you to put yourself out here in the world, Life is blind,
You could have been the best in the start, You missed the signs,
Yes I do feel your pain, It was never too hard to see it in your eyes,
 I'm sorry you feel this way, When I'm not there I still hear your cries,
I hate to go so soon, but I've just thrown the rest of my cares into the night...

                                                                                          Miranda Lamberts contest         
                                                                                         By         ScottS2011