Pure Hell 1996

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Rage that burns deep within,
Anger that kills is such a sin.
Please don't punish me for acting out,
Everyone here has had there doubts.

While the man still runs around free,
Into my soul he can still see.
Love can tare a heart in two,
Lovers turn to hatred to be with you.

Now I'm scared to search the past,
Entering a world that will forever last.
Very petrified of him coming after me,
Escape from what I know I will see,
Rape, rage and violent dreams,

Threatened by his raging screams.
Elude my life from eternal hell,
Locked inside are memories I can't tell.
Living my life as cautious as can be,

Yearning for somebody to come and rescue me.
Overcoming the pain is the difficult part,
Until the tears die I can't heal my heart.

Always feeling that I have to hide,

Living in fear will destroy you inside.
Into the gates of heaven will mean I am free,
Evading your hell is the way it should be.