Search for Gold

Written by: Busaba Patanawiroj

I walk and search after my soul
Natural beauties, the dainties they told
Thru exploring, the secrets unfold
All weepy drama, the craving whole

The maze of things, the better known
But they have never satisfied my soul
No more to offer, to fill thirst for gold
Longin' after, the place of my soul

Where my spirit filled, my strength is whole
Where I call it sacred, to find, I roam
As man longs to worship, to ends at his tombs
Somehow, I feel, the ultimate unknown

Touchin' me gently, and filling me whole
Satisfy my emptiness, my thirst for gold
As the dear pants, reaching out, behold
The truth, one not belies, the search for your soul.

Busaba Patanawiroj