The River Runs

Written by: Busaba Patanawiroj

*The River Runs*

I don't believe in any of the legends
Or the unusual, more impressive
Of victory conquerd, and is passive
As the river's never dry, never finished

Always runs freely, turns with prestige
Ceaselessly flows, indeed unique
Thru' wide forests, there, lyin' in peace
Richness to all, the people who live

Follows the same routes, no hurry to leave
For people to share passion, turns and twists
Or illustration of a poetry, unfinished
For us to walk about, be enlightened a bit

Rare thing, man finds what the reason is
Why river's never dry, never finished
But it lives and shares, it's astonished
Current becomes stronger, very excessive
There's no long legacy, but the river freely gives

Busaba Patanawiroj