Written by: Kyle kriticos

Sometimes it seems I'm living in,
Mistakes of years gone by.
I get a panoramic view,
Of things I never tried.

For each dumb thing, I've done it twice
And I am twice the fool.
I've taken half the good advise,
And followed half the rules.

But everybody has the past,
Still glowing in their eyes
And everyone would try again,
If they could press rewind.

Somehow we only bit our tongues,
When all the words were spoken.
Somehow it hurts to trace a scar,
More then a wound that's open.

As moments come, and decades go,
Sometimes we see just half,
While half of every waking thought,
Is buried in the past.

Among the ashes of the clock,
We're charred until we say,
It isn't what I've done that counts,
It's what I'll do today!