A Brilliant Young Actor

Written by: Kyle kriticos

She came with a purpose.
It was gone in  a minute.
She hated his fiction,
But she found herself in it.

It was taxing to love him,
His gain was her loss.
And brushing his shoulder,
Had come at a cost.

She cherished his words,
But he lied when he talked.
She swallowed her tongue,
Till the carousel stopped.

She said "you don't love me",
But he knew how to act.
So he cradled her hand,
And he took off his hat.

He said "you've gone crazy!!!",
Your all that I need.
And he kissed her by moonlight,
Until she believed.

And she vowed she would leave him,
But she was decieved,
By a brilliant young actor,
With tricks up his sleeve.

By Kyle Ezra Kriticos