Ghosts in the Sheets

Written by: Rhia Madison Thomer

Can you tell I am missing wherever you are?
Do you call my name upon the night?
Is there a part of you searching 
for the missing pieces of me?
A paper is a cold lonely world without your heartbeat
Of course the curious question is do I miss it?
I wonder what I look like now, 
would there be a change in my eyes?
Do you see it?
Sometimes when the stars come out,
I remember. I call out across the sky
but slowly I learned;
you can't hear me anymore.
For months I waited, hiding between pages
in the space between words, but you
couldn't see me anymore.
The world was haunted, full of
so many ghosts, the beckoned. I went.
I tread where mortality
was forbidden.
And like faeries, the ghosts
forbid me return. They lulled me to sleep
slowly at night and I slowly
forgot why I should ever wake up.
Once or twice I thought I heard you
but they were dreams and slowly
those faded too.
The ghosts turned into just sheets I slept in
and then I can't remember. 
Who are you?
Are the dreams just ghosts
caught in cobwebs in my head?
So tonight I will lay us down to sleep
with the sound of your voice upon the night
unless it's just a ghost screaming.