The whale and the cow

Written by: Mitch White

The moral is believing, but as for the story, don't ask me how
So now you know the searing story of the whale and the cow

This ended the feud, the whale swam away tipping it's tail
Once on shore, the cow proudly turned towards the whale

The cow sprang off of their backs while letting out moo's
Whales were swimming around creating giant whirlpools

At the finish was a pier where a crowd of cows cheered
The landing made a great wake causing the whale to veer

It was almost game over when incredibly the cow flew past
The whale quit playing and swam fast, passing the cow at last

With a mighty glare the cow passed the whale, who could only stare
Watching the whales whipping tail, you'd swear it was in midair

The whale would stir up the water, but the cow had hidden powers
No contest rules, just a frantic swim that would seem like hours

The first one to cross the bay would win this amazing race
This was an impossible race, a cow verses a whale at a blinding pace