Written by: FARRAH SINHA


Every time I saw your face and kissed you on the lips,
Someone else was on your mind
Someone else was on your mind
You didn’t think of the killing you caused me?
I guess I was blind.

Just because I gave you the most precious gift of mine 
On the first day we met,
You thought I was dirt, you thought I was shallow,
But could you feel the hurt I felt then?
Could you taste the tears?

How deep you hurt your love
That she had to go away,
You could have sacrificed the things she did not like,
It would have caused you some pain
But it would have made ‘us’ survive, do you realize?

You killed the love, I have to go away
I cannot bear such pain, I cannot
Please forgive me if I came on too strong
I thought you and I would last so long…

I could not bear the pain of words
Goodbye my love. 
Your memories will keep me alive.