The Step Above

Written by: Helen Forber

I found out on the step above,
The death of him, my only love.
My body froze on current path,
A wedding we were short to have.

At such a loss, my mind did leave,
And now I find, I cannot grieve.
For all is gone and left my hands,
Like fingers grasping tiny sand.

No purchase on this lonely step,
High and dry, yet soaking wet.
Rain will spill, in glossy form,
Yet stay I will until the dawn.

A puddle sits round sodden feet,
Warmth and care is all I seek.
Clouds did morph to tiny stars,
Yet rain it does throughout the dark.

Bitter frost starts creeping in,
The wind alone she cannot win,
For stand I do, on stony perch,
Despite the Gail of hidden mirth.

The day I woke from haunted sleep,
My step had sunken 10 foot deep.
Time had passed and left me weak,
Wrinkles now are all I keep.

I found myself amid the earth,
Egger now to keep me there.
Weathered face with silver hair,
Few more years then nearly there…

The day I passed I finally wept,
And found my love upon my step.
There he’d been forever more,
Tears he cried whatever for!?