The Quest

Written by: Amanda Miller

Forget everything. 
Forget all our dreams. 
Of children and marriage and life filled so meticulously. 
For once in this lifetime.
 I just want to be me.  

Forget all the passion 
All the love that we plead.
 Forget all the anger
 Forget all the zeal. 

Remember the heart
 That once used to beat.
 Not needing a battery 
To complete every feat.

 Remember the need 
To be more than you can conceive. 
Remember the want 
Remember the heat. 

Remember the greed 
To procure every stead.
 To walk in the park square. 
With your head 
Not facing your knees. 

Revive the action 
Revive thee please.  
Revive every emotion 
That once set you free.
Steady you stand 
No need or demand.
Speeding heart you recede.
 No barrier to compete. 

The fire rein stilled.
The love refilled. 
Words come so easily with a power 
That I had forgotten how to feel.

Do not restrain me 
Or refrain from thee.
 This love that once made thee
Shall never be regained. 
Love lost love found 
Love stolen and then gathered around.
 So arguably untainted 
So incompletely infatuated