A Voyage of Love 2K10

Written by: Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.

Boarded herein our very own  
caravel of love.  
So fondly we two counterparts,  
we two lively hearts;  
Commence melting of sweet caramel  
therein the sweltering Summer sun.  

Onwards the vessel's edge surely actions  
speaking louder of any words.  
A pledge of our undying love's romantic  

Affection renders contagious of this  
gorgeous, magically moment amid.  
For th' archer of love aims two arrows  
upon our direction the special  
day we became each others selections.  
O Cupid!  
Thou thrustst us directly within one  
anothers hearts faster than the  
speed of light with all of thy loving might.  

Presently at destination love  
whencesoe'er are no frets;  
Yea, th' absence of regrets welcome.