cutting leads

Written by: eddie merritt

Legs shaking
Arms flimsy 
Collar bone makin erratic movements upon waking
Time is ticking
Mind shifting 
Collaborating doesn't seem to be with me
Walking with a sense of apathy
Mutilation the same as birds and bees
Wind blowing thru trees
Stuck in my head with this disease
The lack of feeling anything
Whether mundane or severe 
Open up my arms and thighs just to cut out the pain and let air inside
Watching the red trickle down one side
It's amazing 
This small metallic slit can make lives shift
Make u wanna sift thru monogamy
Bigotry hypocrisy
Give my end a meaning to a life lack of feeling
Light headed now while bleeding
Seeing it all coming to clearly
There's no turning back for me....Peace