The Scavengers

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

                            It hangs outside my window on
                            the big shepherd hook.
                            Filled with food for all those who
                            comes to eat from it.

                            Many scavengers land on the brim.
                            Eating the seeds left there for them.
                            So many colors, shapes and sizes are
                            visit the feeder daily.

                            As they come and go seeds fall
                            to the ground below. 
                            Squirrels, are waiting patiently to
                            gobble down the seeds.

                            Inside sits 3 kitties watching 
                            through the windows making their
                            soft music tails swishing back and

                            The outside visitors pay them no
                            mind and keep eating.
                            Than it happens quick as a wink
                            Louie takes a leap against the glass.

                            He looks over at me with such a look.
                            Mommy, why didn't you warn me about
                            the glass begin there?
                            His pride wounded he jumps down.

                            The show is over now they all jump
                            down and curl up dreaming that 
                            tomorrow they will have bird soup
                            for dinner.