Pig Philosophy

Written by: adam hollingsworth

A whim of pleasure
Speaks to the wind,
And a sigh of murder
Cannot win.
Who’s to say one pleasure is 
      Better than another?
Pain and pleasure,
      Life’s two sovereign masters.

Pushpin is just as good 
                  As poetry?
Pursuing my pleasures
             In a void of toxicity.

The lowest and slowest
Are life’s basic needs.
Sex, drugs, and fine foods
Is all simple-likes need.

A step higher into cultured reliefs,
   Art and music indeed;
     Such dignity,
Not like the baser needs.

   Step one more,
The mind of science and/or spiritual needs.
   Homo sapiens source of 
All found in empirical seeds.

Though it is better to be 
A human dissatisfied than
A pig satisfied;
Better to be Socrates dissatisfied 
   Than a fool satisfied.

Ours species two sovereign masters;
     Pain and pleasure…
Nature’s selective possessors.