Bob Dylan Newport Folk Festival 1965

Written by: ned flanders

Newport Folk Festival 1965.

 Behind the mirror is where we all
Tend to lurk,
Suffering through the pain of glass.

No one likes change,
Sometimes it is almost viewed as a sin.
Then you are punished
For attaining a higher majesty,
An alliance nearly gone.

But the times they were a changing
Folk had to realise,
A new power was being born
The climate just right for change.,
To plug in to the new.

After all a mirror image
Is the same,
But I suppose it is how
You look that matters,
Not what you see.

It was the orthodoxy
Of one Man that changed,
Someone who dared to be different.

It is some what ironic 
That he said adieu,
With an acoustic version of

“It’s all over now , baby blue.” 

But then,
The rest is history.