Monopoly, game of Life

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

Monopoly, game of life – play it

Monopoly, childhood board game, moves as per dice
Life, real game, moves as per the game one plays   

As  grew older, realities faced squarely
Had semblances with the board’s pictorial squares

Throw of dice decided the destiny on board
Unlike birth, upbringing, circle, efforts dictating destiny in Life
Owner, Banker, borrower, culprit, all characters ended with the game  
Unlike Life’s characters that makes one play different games   

Each day, new game, different victor and vanquished  
Life’s each moment full of mystery, self winner or loser 

Dice calling the shots, tossing not manipulated
Life full of manipulation at each step to win the race

How I wish Life having remote semblance with board game  
Any situation not lasting beyond the game

Each day disconnected with yesterday, tomorrow
Limited spells of joy or sorrow

Life, Monopoly like game – live it   

By Hitendra Mehta
May 2011

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