Written by: Amanda Miller

Sunbeam in the rain
The aura that surrounds the pure 
Is something we shall never know
So beautiful and untouched by hate
So kind, so loving, yet so touched by pain

Oh! Never have we felt so safe 
In your loving motherly embrace
Still every time the war gates were pulled
The commander in you seemed to unfold

A friend we saw among all our foes
In the greatest battle to win the unknown 
That’ silver lining beyond the cloud
That might radiance from up above

A picture of grace and a fount of hope
Is something you painted as you walked the corridor?
Elegance so deeply personifies
The voice of the young quarrelers and spies

The pain we feel shall forever resonate
At the loss of your guidance in the rain
And in the end with bated breath
Bid adieu to our mother, our love and our friend