LOVE exclamation Oh Please

Written by: Amanda Miller

“Oh Romeo”, “yes, my sweet Juliet”
This love I believe,
Is nothing but fiction, nothing but a dream.
Pray show me a love
Untainted by pain
That time’s wretched hands haven’t touched 
And filled with lies, adultery and pure hate

Love sick mates
Sweet nothings and French kisses on the streets
So sickly in love.
So obliviously insane
How long does it last, how long will love stay
I’ll tell you how long, till love dreams some other dream,
Of enthralling beauty and a new found craze.

Then comes so dramatically 
Cursing and hating
Accompanied so innocently with kicking and screaming.
Such music to thy ears, such music do thou loved ones speak
Suddenly “it’s gone, no spark do I feel “
And in this do tell me does love just run away.
Weak, I say, is how love leaves you. Weak and distraught, and with nothing left but 

And the reason we find 
Such a thing may die
Is not but long legs or a wickedly pleasing smile
Like hunters they prowl 
The crowd for their next score
To boast of wildly among all their friends
Who deep inside they all know are their foes 

So fall deeply in love
But a warning beware
Of liars and lovers 
Who cannot help but stare
For time it seems is a sinister being 
It walks in all happy
And leaves you bloody,kicking and screaming.