Into The Mist

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

Upon the day, i take my leave.
Upon the day, i leave my past behind.
That shall be the freedom none could give.
That shall be the day dreams i would find. 

But indeed my path is destined. 
i could change not even a thing.
but some times it just hurts.
when things isn't what it seems.

By sunrise i someday would be gone, 
But life just keep moving along.
I know i just got to hold on,
Even if things could be so wrong. 

On the day, i shall forever go away.
i won't turn back nor would i look back.
i shall ride into the sunlight rays, 
i won't come back even if the world begs. 

i just wish not to stay, 
i just wish to leave this very day,
i just wish my past i could lay, 
i just wish to simply walk away.