A dying heart

Written by: Amanda Miller

The pain grips me
It steals my life away
Just like a parasite or a leech
Drop by drop it steals my essence away. 

I'm begging you to save me 
Because I know you’re up there. 
Stop this faulty heart 
Take away the snare. 

A quick one 
Very sudden and clear 
Take me up to heaven
Take me to my home. 

It’s not of love I suffer 
But of vacancy and fear 
For I don’t know when 
My beating heart will someday stop my dear.

It’s not of lovers that I am jealous 
But of their loyal hearts,  
Which I wish belonged to me 
But wishes are something 
That are never to be had. Only to be feared.

I see the golden light 
Feeling so eerily free.
I walk by the heavenly moonlight. 
And will walk for all eternity.