Discarded Affection

Written by: louzana nubani

Affection ridden 
Disrespect established
Love and tender discarded
False tears and all of the fakeness
In this moment
In this calming bit of second
I hate them more than ever
My own flesh and blood
The disgrace they give
The lack of concern 
The spiteful disrespect
The blackness of one’s heart
The least of love
The covered veil of humanity 
I have set my mind
I have dealt with their wicked thoughts and tries
They team up against me
Begin to think they are right
But every action makes them darker and stupid
They are planning for a battle 
Against someone they think they know
Against someone they think is wrong
Oh warriors of the light!
Aid me, help me, Make them learn
Make them think twice
The lies they conceal 
Will make them lose all powers
They will perish 
Against me
Against the once-known for a sister