Face it

Written by: Roxanna Ressler

Where to start,
these rushing thoughts...
Mindless responses without regard
have left me in fear and guard of my innocence.

I fled to comfort 
wrapping my limbs about familiarity 
causing discouragement to pierce the emptiness in my stomach,
where butterfly's once so gently flew. 

Unsettling words spill from behind tainted lips
pouring disgust on feeble ears of purity
turning me towards everything that is different from you...
wounds from the past poke and mock at my new scars,
now darting across my severely sore heart.

You give one hell of a performance 
and construct one brilliant ballet of self destruction
thanks to the man apart from the rest standing in the shadows of the act
I at least have hope...

**Stimulates from my insecurity and inability to conform in the abruptness of change. Even
when something better stands by masked by the shadows, beckoning me with allusiveness... **