My Everything

Written by: Irene Komu

I call my life a blessing
Not because of what I am facing
But coz of the people I'm having
Especially Mom my Queen
She is my Everything

Alone she tried to raise me
My sisters and my brother
Without complaining
At times life failed her
But she was always on her knee

Our big family without him
Seem a bit like nothing
But thats how it is
We need to pray we manage
Because God is with us

Sometimes we cry
Untill tears dry
Yet we pray
2 reach the next day
Oh,Mom I know it's tough

One person carrying us four
Trying so hard not 2 fall
Climbing the mountains 
With us on her back
Falling, but yet she embarks

Sacrificing all the goods in life
For us to get all we want
Even when it's tough
She fights hard so hard
Making sure she provides

What a gift from God?
Mom,my everything
Without u I'm nothing
Please keep supporting
For forever I'll keep u with me

U always understand me
Even when I act mean and annoying
U truly are my Everything
My love, trust and happiness
Forever I shall keep u

Growing up with just u
And grandma who loves us
Taught me 2 be there 4 others
As the two of u did 2 me
My Mom, My Grany is who I wana be