Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

A Life so busy yet same like a clone,
Counting seconds in a monotonous tone,
Everybody is drilling and pressurizing like hell,
But my mind is off in its own world alone.

Studying thousand word in hope of remembering a few
Every sentences seems to be skew,
I am missing badly my concentration,
But my mind is alerting me of getting screw.

I am trying hard but all is in vain,
I have 1000 medicines to cure my pain, 
 But the medicines are only flaunting,
Keeping my scars fresh and plain.

I want to cry hard but my eyes are refusing ,
I want to scream aloud but my voice is diffusing,
I am out of myself, wandering like an orphan,
My every second is new and confusing.

The confidence has lost his battle with fear,
Belief’s throat is off with a tear, 
Hope is searching for its synonym insane,
The sky of happiness is in a doubt of being clear.

I don’t need horror movies to get scared,
A sight shuttering of eyes is enough for this trick,
 I don’t need to get pricked to collect tears,
My eyebrows just need a slight flick. 

I am living in a world of harmony yet so distress,
Every second brings happiness yet so less,
The imbalance is turning on like hell 
Knowingly I am drowning myself in black magic of distress.