Written by: Irene Komu

Emmanuel is my Ex now
That hurts me the most
Promises he made to me
Vanished that easily

We used to fight
And then make it right
Playing together
I'll miss that forever

Things always used to matter
When I am around him
Because he loved me
And he knew I loved him more

He would write poems
About his Mom and politics
I love his sense of poetry
And i truly got this from him

When I opened his poems
I saw a new one
Named my name
Poem titled Irene

But why did we have to break up
And why can't we make up
Like we used to in the past
Or he doesn't love me anymore?

Maybe I need to relax
And let time tell
But what if time fails me
And he never comes 2 me again?

Emma is a genius
And ofcoz a bit serious
His eyes are very shy
Even when he is high

I miss the moments we shared together
At home, club, bar and bus stop
And the times u spoilt me
Happy because of thee

Wherever u maybe
Just know this is how I feel
Poet is what I wana be
It helps to heal.