my Confession

Written by: Rick Rucker

My Confession By Rick Rucker To resist any longer, is silliness, I guess, Because it is true, I might as well confess, As I am hopelessly, and madly in Love with you, And being by your side, is all I want to do, My friends think that I should take it very slow, But they do not know you, and how crazy you make me, so, I hardly ever sleep at night, To think of anything but you, takes all my might, Just to kiss you, and hold your hand, I am transported to a Magic Land! One where all we have is Fun, Anything I want to do, can be done, Where my Heart can always soar, For twenty four hours a day, or more! I have found the Fountain of Youth, It is you, to tell the Truth, Now, I must find how to stay, And make Love to you, throughout the day, You have caused my spirits to leaven, And shown me a prelude to Heaven!