My Top Ten

Written by: Tirzah Conway

The Andalusian tops my list,
So elegant with eyes like mist;

But the Quarter horse isn’t far behind,
Praised for their intelligent mind;

And next we have the Cleveland Bay,
Wonderful sport horses are they;

The Warmblood’s are a canny cross,
Drafts and thoroughbreds with sauce;  

And the Lusitano can’t be beat,
Their temperament is usually sweet;

The Paso Fino with gaits of gold,
Their heaven to ride, or so I’m told;

The Fell Pony is solid black,
And the perfect size to carry a pack;

The Paint’s are sure a colorful set,
From black to blonde and even brunette;

The Arabian is dainty yet strong,
Hot blooded but with them you can’t go wrong;

And the Friesian with it’s feathered feet,
Now makes my list of ten complete!

~For Adeleke's Top Ten Contest~