Rage Against The 12 Kings

Written by: Brenda Atry

Rage Against The 12 Kings

On icy thrones, they sit on high,
And pull the strings of average men.
Their governing, silent, ruthless,
As potent and lethal as venom.

They pull strings of mere mortals,
Presidents, Premiers,Dictators,
Tugging these chosen with vindictive force,
Assuring the subjugation is understood.

What can we do,powerless,stricken,unheard,
As the 12 Kings rule from up high?
Behind the ash of burning cities,
With shields of concealment and ruse.

Creators of demons, that exist only in fear,
Liars, twisted minds pocked with deceit,
Money guzzling, shape shifters all,
As they spin their yarns of terror.

I rage against the self crowned dozen.
I long for the judgement that ends their treason.
I cry for humanity that drifts with Dante's souls
In the winds of purgatory below icy thrones.

Brenda Atry