When You Bring Me Down

Written by: Sarah Hall

You tear me down
I can't live with this
It is a constant reminder
The memory comes back
It floods my rainy day
The thunder pounds my chest
Till I can't take it anymore
It feels like my last breath
I go on and you keep coming back
Every time its never the last
You are never gone
Your right where you never left
You keep stepping on my toes
You remind me why I am the way I am
You give me the reason every one calls me the names they do
You are the reason I am down on the ground and filth surrounds me
You treat me so unkind
You leave me in a world of destruction
Where lonliness and depression is the home I live in
I find no company in any keeping
I am lost in sorrow and drowning in misery that plays the symphony in the 
nightmare that keeps me.