Like a Dream

Written by: Michael Todd

Another night alone, Lord.
She's like a dream
but, she's not, she's real
living in her world and me in mine.
I never ever thought she'd come back
as a friend let alone with true love for me.

Supposed to rain tonight,
well it can't match my tears,
no, the rain drops outside
won't drown out the ones inside my heart.

My need for you to be here
is sometimes matched by a fear
that the last time you were here
will one day be the last time
and I cry and pray for that to not be true
for I don't want to go through this life without you.

Please my Lady let me be your Prince by day
and your Knight by night
for as I rescue you, you are also saving me
from seeing the world with tear filled eyes
and wandering around with a wounded heart.

Grab my hand, pull me close my love
and we'll share forever hugs
while living the rest of our lives
just like we've always dreamed we would.

Oct 2010