Loving Hands

Written by: Michael Todd

What can hands do:
	they can help pick us up when we're down,
	they can hurt us if we get angry or out of control,
	they can hold us tight when we're tired and shaking.

My hands have always wanted to:
	lift you up when life knocks you down,
	touch you gently and often,
	wipe away your tears
		and stroke away your fears,
	massage your aches and pains away.

Your hands are now:
	caressing my cheek and neck,
	rubbing my chest and back,
	calming my worries about you,
	showing me how much you care,
	telling me about the reality of your love for me.

May your hands and mine keep on showing
	just how much we love each other
	for they are Loving Hands.

Oct 2010