New Years Tears

Written by: Michael Todd

A new year has begun
which will have it's own
highs and lows,
trials and triumphs,
happiness and sadness.

I started my new years
with tears
as I thanked God
for last year,
for today,
for family,
for you and me.

And I asked how to help
with the trials you'll go through
both today and this year,
and wanted Him to tell me
what to do for you, for us,
because I don't want you
to suffer anymore,
but, to rest, relax and heal.

I received no clear answer
so I will just continue to cry
until something happens,
until I know you'll really be okay,
until you're somewhere
	over the rainbow,
until you're through the tunnel
	and out the other side
where you can be freely loved
	by all who love you.

I only want, no I need
to hold you and be near you,
to see your pretty smile
and hear you laughing every day,
for only then will my life long mission
to love you be accomplished.

I pray to God and our Lord
that this is not only my dream
but that it has always been His plan
	for us both.