Dungeons and angels

Written by: Ana-Maria Bituna

Deep under the water and brown earth,
Deep into the core when life gave birth,
Statues left unfinished on the well’s bottom,
Some place where I still cannot fathom.

Nothing to see through the wall of sins,
Shattered gems crying before it begins,
Doomsday, the theme of all that was,
The end of life and time that came to us.

Running in circles just to get by, oh why,
Why does it have to be so hard, I try
Expanding my soul to the borders of time,
The present and past, the future will be mine.

So I start to play this game to save them
I started a war against the terror, the black,
Just to reach the light on the right track,
In this way you’ll never have to condemn.

Piece by piece, inch by inch I step forward,
Deep into the cluster of Devils labyrinth,
Exchange words and thoughts just to give me time
To save my angels and damage the coursed line.

I faked the promise I gave to the shadow,
And the statues slowly are melting away,
Right into a moment of embrace and joy,
And right before I die I close the window.

Now all  I do is wait and as rock I remain...