Pandora's Plea

Written by: Gillian Hewitt - Stubbs

Forever in a day, my heart is slowly fading away. A victim to time i cant hold my tears any longer. Slice my cheeks and burn a hole through my soul. I surrender Scorned by my own follies. Victim of my own misdirection. Let me drown in a calm sea, floating among red poppies. Let me sink. Gently close my eyes, put a flower in their place. A reminder of what they lost in their blindness. Deafened by the screech of your silence, And tormented by the absence of your violence. Hand me a blade, The one to you i gave, in my misguidance. And i will place it along side me, My open grave, a tribute in honor of the memories i have slayed. The friendship i have betrayed, the trust i have mislaid. Watch it decay Tie a bolder to my strength and drop it in the ocean. Wait till i am colder. older. forgotten over and over. Then let the tide regurgitate, return me. Place your pain in the cart and i will carry it on my shoulders. Pull me into your dreams, but only as a bystander. Replace me But don't misplace me Don't forget you misguided me With the feelings that you hide from me The key you handed me Opened the door to my felony. I believed you And sinned unintentionally.