A Word on the loving God

Written by: Matt Hunt

I come to the arms and the grace of the only living God
Making my way with this journey can sometimes be so hard
Yet I strive, pursue and I direct my goals
Never giving up or backing down to any and all foes
I know that the path ain't easy no matter which way you cut it
But I'm making the way  no matter the repercussions
My corruptions not withstanding, the devil try to bring me down
Pray to my trinity, no limiting, on what can be turned around
Like fate, some believe, we're all destined to fail
I don't believe that, my God has more in store for me than hell
So I set sail on this grand ship that we like to call life
Direct all my thoughts and questions to the holiest with might
I will pursue a path of righteousness, and seize that day
And I pray for God to comfort me with his glorious ways
John 3:16 seems to me like such a simple verse to learn
Yet when you hear it, you come to terms that your soul is beginning to yearn
For the truth, which he has set, right before your very eyes
So cast your gaze towards the heavens and look unto the sky
You know the times close all this commotion going about
This world needs a savior to turn all this mess around
Jesus Christ is the answer in every single aspect of one's life
Accept him into your heart and let J.C handle all your strife
He's always been in your soul just waiting to be let out
Cast that serpent away and let the light shine about
This is the end of this declaration that I make
But there is one thing that I would hope you would honestly take
It's that the Lord will suffice in all that you seek to do 
With a love like no other's created especially for you