Standing your ground

Written by: Matt Hunt

He lowered his head
Ashamed of the name they abused him with
He stood up for his beliefs
In return He gained mockery
They hate him, but hate his master more
Never realizing he is what they're truly searching for
But they wont/ They just can't
Sink to the "Jesus Freak's" level
So they beat him....and spit on him
Cursing out loud asking where's your precious "god" now?
If he truly loved you he would save you 
The man just smiles through broken teeth
blood gushing out of his broken nose
"God, Forgive them for they don't know what they are doing."

One day we may be tested in our faith
Don't walk away, for he never forsaked you
We might deal with curses, but he's paid the ultimate price
I will never be anything without his sacrifice
Stand firm and stand your ground
Support your beliefs and never back down
May the love of God be with us all
As we celebrate his return one day