Love Is Worth A Chance

Written by: Nathan Fehr

All i’m asking is for a chance
But I know i’m just worth a glance
I don’t care what I have to do
Cause the one I love is you

Love is something even I cant control
My heart used to be a black hole
But then I met you
And now I don’t care what I have to do

Love is different, makes me feel exotic
Before this I was quite chaotic
But now I feel like I belong
That is why I sing this song

Love is changing me in a way I cant explain
I feel like my goals I can now attain
Now that i’m changing, I am starting to feel better
This is the part of my life that is a love letter

If we were together
I would feel like we could live forever
I hope you feel the same about me
I am on my knees as I plea

Without you, I just want to cry
Without you, I would rather die
Without you, life isn’t worth living
Without you, my pain would be reliving

My life was quite hard to bare
My life was useless, I never cared
But now I have something to live for
Everyday I love you more and more

If I could get a chance
I would feel like I am worth a glance
I think we were made to be
Together, you and me