Livin' in sin

Written by: Matt Hunt

I'm livin' in sin
Where do I begin?
With the way in which I've lived my life

Trying my way 
Where I can say
That my will has caused all my strife

Knowing the path
Yet seeking wrath
Of this world and all who belong

Show me your love 
Sent only from above
And forever I will abolish the wrong

I seek the path and the truth, which only you can give
Knowing this way can sometimes be so hard to live
Perservere through the darkness/ Open your eyes to the light
Livin' in sin is my way/ But there's only one way that's right

Tomorrow comes even quicker
With people getting sicker
In self-desecrating immodesty

Lies are ones fortune
With all of this corruption
Where did we forget honesty?

Sickness and oppression 
Lust with depression
A forbidden cocktail to your demise

Strength and mercy
Kindness or cursing?
Who can really deciper all these lies?
Repeat ChorusX1

Truth be told 
I won't be sold
To these lies in which I believed

If tomorrow isn't there
Will this world even care
About who they're going to receive?

Make your choice 
Lift your voice
Let the heavens hear your cry

Live in sin
Or live with him
Death or Paradise?