Written by: Matt Hunt

Can you hear me?/ Do you hear my cries for help?
Can you save me?/ Save me from my hell?
I've traveled down this road for far too long
I don't know how much further I can go on

I hope that I'm not too late/ To garner any sympathy 
I pray that you'll listen/ I'm talking with all honesty
I made a huge mistake letting you out of my life
Please come back to me/ I swear I'll make it right

I never stopeed loving you baby
I know I must've driven you crazy
But what does the look on your face tell me
I had the chance/ but now I'm just a memory

I guess I should go now/ I think he's waiting for you
I've got to make this right/If it's the last thing that I do
He won the war/ That much I can plainly see
But I want you to know/ He's not what you need

Repeat ChorusA:X1

If I never showed you how much I cared 
Then walk right out the door
But I guaranteee this to you baby
He's no the man for you anymore

I never stopped loving you baby
People tell me I must be crazy
The look on your face and it's plain to see
He got the chance/ but you're here with me
Yeah he got the chance/ but he's a memory

***If you truly love someone, never give up. You never know how things might turn